Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Why Psychics Charge So Much Money Per Reading

The amount of money charged by psychic mediums is not always specific. Some offer their services free of charge while others charge up to $800 per reading. There are several reasons that prompt some psychic mediums to charge more compared to others. The mediums who do not have the support of a breadwinner and charge a small amount of money often choose to have other forms of employment to cater to their monetary needs. Such psychics are unable to use their gift fully since they dedicate most of the time working on their jobs.

4936925900_638688bc51_zPsychics who give readings on a full-time basis have to make enough money for paying their bills and tending to their families. Just like other ordinary people, they too must pay for a mortgage, rent, car expenses, health insurance, utilities, clothing, food, and other basic needs. Therefore, for them to have the capacity to pay all the mentioned bills, they have to charge a lot more money per reading.

Psychic mediums who give readings on a full-time basis typically help more people compared to those who work on a part-time basis. The downside is that even if they charge $200 per reading, the number of readings they can give per day do not usually exceed three. More often than not, they rarely work for five days a week. Giving a reading usually takes a lot of time and energy. Therefore, it is fundamental for a psychic medium to have a good balance to protect this energy.

There is a common myth that spiritual gifts such as psychic readings should be free of charge. People need to know that abundance breeds empowerment, regardless of whether your occupation is artistry, music, psychic medium, or even a leader. There is nothing empowering or spiritual about financial struggle and poverty. Abundance makes it possible for people to grow and focus their resources, energy, and time on helping those in need. Therefore, an empowered psychic medium can help a lot of people. To attain this empowerment, they have to charge more for their services.

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