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An Introduction to Tarot Card Readings

128304597_de4015f484_zWhen you think of tarot card readings, certain images may spring to mind. You may have images of women garbed in flowing robes with mystic cards spread before them, while the secrets of the future are revealed. If you’ve ever been to New Orleans, you’ve probably seen tarot card readers set up in the French Quarters ready and willing to perform their art for a small dollar amount. In fact, you’ll see quite a bit of interesting things in the French Quarters.

In truth, tarot card readings don’t tell the future, and not all card readers breathe incense while wearing flowing robes. In fact tarot card readings are meant more to connect one with their own higher self and to provide insight. Tarot card readings offer insight and guidance on where you are, how to overcome stumbling blocks, and give directions on how to proceed toward a desired goal.

The gist of tarot card readings

Before a tarot card reading is done, the person having the reading is asked to shuffle the cards and focus on the question or questions they want to ask. The reader then draws a particular number of cards and lays them out in a specific order, generally called a spread. There are many different kinds of spreads, and the one selected is dependent upon the discretion of the reader and type of question being asked.

Once the cards have been laid out, their meanings are interpreted by the reader. The meanings of the cards are dependent on a number of factors, like the face value of the card coupled with its placement within the spread and the neighboring cards. The interpretation is then expressed through the reader to the person having the reading.

A person may desire to have a tarot card reading done for a number of different reasons. One such reason might be being faced with major life changes or big decisions. Another reason might be simply feeling lost and trying to find direction. Having a tarot card reading frequently offers the seeking person insight into their life trajectory and helps them understand the options and the possible outcomes with greater confidence. Needless to say, there are any number of reasons that a person may want to have a reading done.

Who does tarot card readings?

There are many people who can do tarot card readings and just about anyone can learn how to do them. The most commonly utilized source would be psychics. These folks most frequently offer services of tarot card readings, psychic readings, and sometimes palm readings. But these are not the only places one can turn to when seeking to have one. There are alternative spiritualists, such as Wiccan’s, Druids, and any number of pagan practitioners. Many of these folks would be happy to assist a friend or acquaintance who is seeking to have a card reading done.

Another common place to turn for quality information is books. There are a plethora of books available today that can help the average person conduct their own tarot card reading. You can oftentimes find several good books in the library for free and there may be some free books online as well. You can also check out Amazon or eBay for other books. Additionally, check out some of the more popular tarot reading websites for free articles to learn a great deal about the art.

The books come with tarot decks, explanations of the different spreads and their meanings, and dictionaries on the individual cards. These resources are very helpful and easily accessible.

Before you do your own reading

Before conducting your own reading, there are a few things to consider regarding the tarot cards themselves. There are many different kinds of tarot cards and they all have similar symbolism and meanings. Some of the most widely recognized are the hanged man, the fool, death, lovers, the moon, and the sun.

Some have been adapted for different schools of thought, however, and when learning to read them, their unique meanings must be kept in mind. Some of the different kinds available are the traditional tarot, customized decks that adopt representations of Greek gods and goddesses, animal tarot, tree tarot, runic tarot and others.

If you’re interested in tarot card readings, continue to do some research and if you know someone who does readings, ask him or her some questions. Also, go get a tarot reading done so that you have an idea of just what occurs during a reading. Have fun with it!

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