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The 9 Best Spots To Ghost Hunt

ghost huntHave you ever wanted to make contact with a ghost? If so, you are not alone! “Ghost hunting”, or the active seeking of ghosts and hauntings, is becoming more popular every year. With more and more people interested in learning about the manifestations of those who have passed away, learning where to look is almost a matter of learning where not to look.

Ghosts are Everywhere

This is because ghosts are everywhere. Anything can cause a spirit to choose to manifest in a particular location. There may be a special significance to the location, or an item in the location; or it may be a random manifestation. There are no “rules” with spirits the way we understand them, so it’s important to recognize that the following list is filled with suggestions. These certainly aren’t all the places a ghost could be.

9: Cemeteries.

First on the list is probably the most obvious place to look. Cemeteries can attract ghosts because they are places of extreme emotion and care. With their families gathered around their bodies for the final time, as well as visits from family members on occasion, it’s no wonder that a person’s spirit may manifest in a cemetery. Some believe that ghosts haunt cemeteries because they are too attached to their mortal body to move on.

8: Care Facilities

Whether it’s a hospital, a mental health facility, or a nursing home, places where people are sick and often pass away are probable sites for finding ghosts. The act of dying, when the body and the spirit separate, can cause a spirit to become stuck in the last place they were alive. Some believe that these spirits may not be aware they are dead, and are still seeking help for illness or injury.

7: Prisons and Police Stations

More inmates die behind bars that you may realize, but even if a person didn’t die in jail, their spirit could return there. In places of heightened emotional distress such as prison or a police station, a spirit could imprint strongly upon a place. Some people believe that ghosts in police stations could still be trying to report a crime or seek help.

6: Spiritual Locations

Churches, synagogues, temples, or other places where people frequently pray and reach out to forces unseen, can create a draw for spirits. Perhaps it’s because of the energy and open-mindedness that people approach these locations with. In moments of intense prayer, it may be easier for spirits to communicate with the living. It could be that returning to their place of worship makes a spirit feel at peace.

5: Battlegrounds or Mass Murder Sites

Anywhere that many people died all at once, in a violent way, could be a haunted location. With fear and pain filling the area, as well as plenty of confusion, spirits could become trapped in the place where they died, and may not even realize they are dead. The reports of soldiers still standing duty where they died in places like Gettysburg could suggest that these spirits are carrying out their final moments centuries later.

4: Theaters

It’s hard to imagine why theaters have been such prolifically haunted locations over the decades. Perhaps it’s because of the combination of bustling energy, a drive to never let the show stop, and necessary secrecy behind the stage. Players who died during a production, or just those who favored the theater during their lives, are often reported in places like these.

3: Historic Locations

Any historic place that hasn’t been demolished for modern buildings, especially those that have been kept preserved in its original state, is often a place to find ghosts. Maybe the familiarity of home or a place they frequented is enough to keep the ghosts from leaving.

2: Schools and Orphanages

Ghosts of children can be found in as many places as the ghosts of adults, but schools and orphanages are often hotbeds for child hauntings. Children’s lives often center around school, and tragic circumstances often befall children who lived in orphanages. Both of these facts mean that these locations would be a logical place for a child to haunt.

1: Hotels, Motels, or Boarding Houses

Something about these “in-between” places, where a person wasn’t really at home but had to stay for some time, seems to create an atmosphere where spirits can be found. Whether it’s the unfamiliar-yet-familiar feeling that hotels often create, or simply the fact that many tragic events often happen in these places, transient stops like these are good places to look for ghosts.


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