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How Almost Dying Can Change the Way You Live

For decades, even centuries, doctors, nurses, and loved ones crowded around the sick bed of an elderly or ill person have heard the stories of near-death experiences. A shocking number of these stories have shown remarkable similarities, from all around the world and all walks of life. People frequently report a long tunnel and a light; a feeling of being surrounded by love and familiar comfort; and a sense of reliving or reviewing their life.

After a Near-Death Experience

But it’s what comes after the near-death experience, or NDE, that fascinates so many people today. For those who recovered and went on to lead many more years of healthy life, their NDE changed the way that they lived. People are often described as more loving, more active, more generous, and more content with their lives after an NDE. Perhaps this could be written off as a simple expression of gratitude for having made it though a serious illness or injury, but there are others who believe that the experiences that people report as they are on the brink of death can teach us valuable lessons about our existence and the way we should be living.

Lesson #1: It’s All Connected.

One of the things that is reported after an NDE is a sense of being connected to the world at large. Those who relive their lives often talk about seeing how every action they ever took, or every word they ever said, created ripples of effects throughout the people around them, and then the people around those people, and so on. Many who have come back from near-death experiences speak of getting the energy or will power to re-enter their bodies due to a realization that there is a greater source of energy that connects the entire world.

This lesson of connectivity leads them to live more carefully in the future, choosing words and actions that create more positive ripples throughout their surroundings. They feel as though they can do anything, because they have experienced an infinite well of energy that they now feel as though they can draw from at any time.

Lesson #2: Taking Risks is Important.

Many people report that during their “life review” in an NDE, they often are given the will power to return to their bodies specifically because they realize just how few of their goals they really accomplished. They recall things that they used to love, or things that they swore they’d do as children, and realize that they got distracted by paying bills, raising a family, and following a path of success that someone else created for them.

After having an NDE, taking risks becomes more important. People who have seen their life “flash before their eyes,” so to speak, don’t want to waste any more time before pursuing their passions.

Lesson #3:  Learning is a Life-Long Process.

While many of the lessons and stories heard are from the perspective of those who have had NDEs, there are things that can be learned from those who are near to those who’ve come back from an NDE. While a person can display a more profound sense of gratitude, patience, and love for life after returning, they are still human. Impatient, ego-centric behavior will still be seen, because we as people never stop learning how to be better.

This can be a very positive message for those who may fear death, or who may feel as though they’ll never learn it all before dying. Even those who have been granted the “extra time” that we all crave don’t have it all perfected; in truth, there probably is no perfect state. All any of us can do is keep learning and growing.

Lesson #4: You Can Experience All These Feelings Without the NDE.

People who have had NDEs and have gone on to study spiritualism and meditation have frequently reported that the same feeling of being connected to a singular source of energy and power, can be experienced without nearly dying. Many religions and spiritual paths teach the idea of ascension, or reaching a higher level of self-understanding and understanding of the world around you. This may be accomplished through prayer, meditation, or many other spiritual practices.

Those who have experienced NDEs report that reaching a state of ascension through a religious or spiritual practice can create the same sensations of having an NDE. The same feelings of being surrounded by love and comfort, of being connected to it all, and of a sense of urgency to achieve goals, can all be experienced by anyone.


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