Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Are Some Psychic Readings Scams?

Unfortunately, some psychics can be scammers who are solely out to make a quick buck. Of course, the majority of psychics out there are genuine and walk in integrity and for such people, the saturation of scams and schemes in their market can be frustrating. After all, the scammers give them a bad rap which they do not deserve.

417623341_9e4944259e_zHelping those who have taken the time to seek them out is the ultimate goal for a psychic. Legitimate psychics and mediums are some of the most helpful and kind people out there. They possess unique insight and awareness the rest of us usually don’t. Still, you must be aware of the scammers who prey on those who don’t know how to spot fakes and phonies.

Here are some tips on how you can spot a psychic scam:


Cold readings are an age-old technique used by fake psychics for centuries. This scam looks more like Sherlock Holmes than a legitimate psychic connection. A cold reader might pull information from a conversation they have had with you, visual clues, or clues from the area or your age to give you general information packaged in a way that seems psychic. For example, a client with an obvious tan line on their fourth finger might be told that the psychic senses turmoil in their love life. A young twenty-something might be told that there is a sense of indecision regarding their career at this time, in which case, most that age feel that way. Too general of a reading at times can indicate a psychic scam.

Curses and Evil Spirits

If your psychic tells you that you, your house, or your family is cursed or followed by dark, black or evil spirits and the psychic must pay extra to have the psychic perform special spells or extra services, chances are that the psychic is a scammer after more money.  Occasionally, there are cases of legitimate hauntings and attachments and those may benefit from the interventions of the psychic, but these services are not mandatory. A reputable psychic will not instill fear on a client or pressure someone into feeling compelled to pay for more services.

Spells for Control of Others

Spells that promise to control other people’s behavior is a red flag. A psychic cannot promise that you’ll be able to have that cute guy become attracted to you or your boss fire your co-worker that you dislike. Yes, some spells do have influence, but a reputable psychic will not make promises as such because everyone has free will.

Guaranteed Healings

If a psychic can guarantee you a healing, he or she may be a scammer. Of course, healings do occur at times, but to promise healing is not wise and usually a scam to get you to pay big money. Be on the watch for any psychic that guarantees any type of miracle.

Take some time and do some research on the psychic that you are going to see. One of the best ways to check to see if a psychic is the real deal or a scammer is to ask for recommendations and ask around. Check out online reviews and watch for any red flags when you’re at a reading.  There are some amazing psychics out there, so you should be able to find just the right one for you.

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