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Psychometry: The Ability To Read An Object Through Touch

psychometryThe ability to read an object through touch is called Psychometry. It is also known as token-object reading and psychoscopy.

Have you ever held an object and just ‘known’ things about it? Has the power of an object’s history washed over you as you’ve rolled it between your fingers? If so, there is a strong chance that you possess the psychic ability of psychometry.

The Rules of Psychometry

Psychometrics is thought to be the art of the human mind tapping into an objects own energy field, aura, soul or experiential vibrations. The chosen object transfers images and feelings regarding its history to the holder, but can also portray tastes, smells, sounds and even emotions to the more skilled or susceptible reader. Some experts believe that psychometry is simply an alternate form of clairvoyance, where a reader can glean strong psychic impressions that have been left behind by an object’s previous owner; whereas others believe that psychometry is actually controlled by outside forces such as spiritual beings or angels.

The art of psychometry is a form of scrying, the medium through which a psychic can “see” something that is not readily available to the untrained human mind. Scrying is commonly done using a crystal ball, dark glass or the calm surface of a body of water and it is believed that psychometry is one of the only forms of scrying that involves touch. Some objects will hold greater information than others and those steeped in history or that have been present during extreme circumstances seem to be the more useful objects when being held for a psychometric reading.

When is Psychometry Used?

Most of the time psychometry is used as an entertainment tool at fairs and fetes across the world. Many people with the ability use their gift to help people gain a better understanding of the origins of something they own, or answers to questions such as why an heirloom was passed on to them. There is a common misconception that psychometry has been used to solve murder cases. There have been recorded cases where a clairvoyant has held a murder weapon or item of clothing from a missing person and pointed the police in the right direction, but in general this is not a method of investigation that police utilize publicly, or very often.

Can Anybody Use Psychometry?

In theory, yes; there is no harm in trying psychometry and you may find that you have an inherent talent for it, even if you don’t class yourself as psychic in any way.

The best possible way to try to tap into psychometrics is to sit in a relaxed position in a quiet, distraction free area. Close your eyes and rest your hands on your lap, facing your palms upwards. If you are alone, settle down with the object in your hands, but if you are part of a group, get someone to pass you the object discreetly (it’s best if you don’t know who the person is). Be still and let any impressions flow into your mind. Say any images or feelings aloud as they appear to reduce the interference of conscious thought. Don’t try to think about the impressions that you get, simply state them and move on.

One of the most important things to remember when using psychometry is not to judge the impressions you get yourself, if reading an object that belongs to someone else. This is because the impressions are likely to hold significance to the owner that you will not be privy to. As you practice and become more skilled, follow and expand upon the impressions that you get as there may be more information hidden in the background of what you initially see.

The beauty of psychometry is in the personal engagement of the seeker. An ability to enrich the view of someone’s life or past experiences can be invaluable to both the proponent and the reader.

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