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Aura Colors and Their Meanings Explained

energy fieldAn aura is the unique energy field that surrounds every living being on earth. Those that are lucky enough to be able to see auras report the phenomena as being one of the most pleasant psychic abilities there is. When a psychic can see an aura, he/she can see multiple layers of color that reflect the feelings of the person it surrounds. An aura is not necessarily limited to a human being either; animals and plants can also posses the special glow.

The ability to read auras is thought to be as old as mankind. Some experts believe that we have simply forgotten the art of seeing them over the long distance of time, due to the fact that we’ve gradually lost touch with nature. Others believe that, along with all psychic abilities, some people are just born with it. The truth is that anyone can naturally see auras to some extent; it is more of a skill that needs to be recognized and honed, than learned from scratch.

What is an Aura and how do you read it?

An aura is a hard energy field to pin down! An aura is thought to be a personal spiritual signature, but exactly what it is seems to depend on what side of spiritual belief you place yourself on. If you generally believe that everything in the universe has a particular vibration and that those individual vibrations can be tuned into, then an aura could be defined as “an electro-photonic vibration that responds to an object of external excitation”.  If you generally believe in the more traditional ideals of the ability to connect with energies and entities beyond ourselves, then an aura may be defined as one’s own psychic beacon, energy in which we naturally project into the universe in order to connect with it.

Aura reading is simply someone tapping into the open information around the entity in question.

No matter what you believe an aura to be, the information contained within the entity is projected from the entity and therefore can be read to gain a better understanding of the entity.  Reading an aura allows a person to see what is truly within someone else; to hear their thoughts and recognize their intentions. An aura reading can even be used to diagnose both short-term and long-term ailments.

What do the colors of the Aura mean?

Anyone with the ability to see auras will tell you that it is not necessarily the specific color that indicates a positive or negative state of being, but the particular shade of the color; pastel and softer shades indicate a more positive attribute whereas murkier, darker shades indicate a more negative attribute.


Red generally indicates personality and the higher aspect of both sexuality and love. Negative (or darker shades of) red may signify anger, a strong drive to succeed or an unbalance in love and sexuality.


Orange generally denotes both creativity and regeneration within an individual. Positive (or vibrant) orange may indicate thoughtfulness and consideration. Negative shades may indicate aggression.


Yellow indicates intellect. When yellow is murky and blended it may indicate the person’s ability to use the power of the mind negatively. If yellow is blended with green, it may indicate resentment or jealousy.


Green is the color of the soul. When green is murky, it indicates jealously, possessiveness and selfishness. If green emanates from the head, it signifies individuality, identity and compassion.


Blue indicates spirituality. Negative shades of blue indicate martyrdom and melancholy, but the presence of blue is generally seen as positive.


Violet denotes selfless love and spirituality. Violet is generally only seen within someone who has made a commitment to spirituality or charitable and humanitarian causes.


Black indicates the absence of life. When seen as a shadow, black indicates blockages and when it is found as solid black, it signifies extreme negativity.


White indicates perfect balance and harmony. It is the purest, most spiritual color there is within aura reading. White is always seen emanating from the top of the head.

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